• Lifting Equipment Maintenance

  • Repairs to Lifting Equipment

  • Lifting Gear Management / Control (Rigging Lofts)

  • Sling Inspection

  • Supplies of All Wire Rope and Lifting Equipment Products

  • Manufacture of Wire Rope Slings up to 40mm Dia single leg

  • Inventory Management

  • Socket Terminations

  • Wire and Fibre Rope Splicing

  • Load cell hire – 12 , 25 , 50 and 100 tonne Telemetric available

  • 100 tonne Horizontal test bed

  • Destruction Testing up to180 tonne capacity

  • Wire rope system design and fault finding

  • Waterbag rental - 5 , 12 , 20 and 35 tonne on request


  • LOLER / PUWER 6 monthly SI2307 Inspections
  • Specialised Test & Inspection on Lifting Equipment
  • Specialised Test & Inspection on Cranes
  • Wire / Fibre Rope Inspection
  • MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection)
  • DPI (Liquid Penetrant Inspection)
  • Load Testing All Types of Lifting Equipment
  • Certification Management
  • Inspection / Testing Procedures
  • Pre-Shipping Inspection/ Verification
  • Heavy Lift Reviews

We can also supply rigging loft equipment in purpose built loft containers that can be tailored to suit your facilities requirements and equipment range is from eyebolt to crane pennants with a comprehensive range of products available.All items are delivered with a full 6 month inspection and can be colour coded at the request of the client to suit the facility.All rigging lofts come complete with a T-Card system to assist with tracking and monitoring of each item. 

We can provide the complete service in Angola regarding lifting testing / inspection and rental of water bags and load cells are available.

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